Domain of the Green Lords

Over 2000 years ago, the Green Lords ruled over all of Fal’Durast – wielding their nightmarish powers of Druid-Necromancy to subjugate the whole continent in a grip of fear and oppression. Their downfall at the hands of the Atlaneians caused their domain to shrink to a fraction of its former dimensions as the Green Lords were either destroyed or systematically imprisoned. Today, the Domain of the Green Lords is constituted by a single valley of about 100 square miles in the east of the continent – the place where the few surviving Green Lords were bound for all eternity.

Records indicate that 18 Green Lords were captured and bound within the Valley of Green Tears – the place where the World Tree once stood. Forced into material aspect and prevented from ever leaving by powerful wards, they soon fell into infighting amongst themselves and have existed in a state of on-again off-again hostility and warfare for centuries. Of the 18 initially imprisoned, at least 8 are believed to still be alive – though reliable reports are non-existent.

Initially, entering the Valley of Green Tears was prohibited and a special order of guardians was established by the Atlaneian Empire for the sole purpose of preventing the Green Lords from organizing an escape or from interacting with the outside world. This organization was called the Ashen-Edge Brotherhood or, simple, the Ashen-Edge. They were called such because their weapons were forged with the ashes of the long dead World True folded into the metal – creating steel which could wound even the Green Lords. With the death of the Atlaneian Empire, the Brotherhood became independent and increasingly insular. Today, they are a secretive and little-understood organization who struggle to fulfill their original purpose.

With the decline of the Ashen-Edge, the Green Lords have begun to attract deranged followers from outside their Domain and have begun to send agents out into the world to do their bidding once more. Their reach is still small and the Ashen-Edge do their best to curtail such activities, but the Green Lords are content to bide their time and wait – they’ve waited this long and its just a matter of time before their wardens fall.

Domain of the Green Lords

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