Demon is a very nebulous term, but one that warrants discussion nonetheless. A demon is, at it’s most fundamental level, an entity which has completely corrupted the spirit of it’s purpose or rebelled from that purpose altogether. By denying it’s basic nature, a spirit becomes a demon – a creature so in conflict with itself that the spiritual imbalance corrupts the being into something altogether malevolent.

There’s really no telling what a demon was originally nor what kind of powers such a being might possess. Ghosts, as a rule, cannot become demons – though they might become fused with a demon to form a new being. Demons, as fundamentally imbalanced beings, seek a way to stabilize themselves on an instinctual level – they most often achieve this through the act of possession or of feeding on the essence of another being. In possessing another being they allow that being’s spirit to balance out their own and achieve some form of peace – for a time. Demons inevitably corrupt the souls of those creatures they possess, dragging them down into darkness ruin alongside themselves before abandoning the being they formerly possessed. Some demons begin to enjoy doing this – actively seeking to possess and corrupt – these are the ones to watch out for.

Demons are attracted to beings of two primary calibers – those who are Witchborn and those who possess in abundance the sorts of vices or flaws which are dominant in the demon itself. Both qualities in one individual make for the most attractive targets for demons. A demon whose lust for the flesh caused it to rebel from it’s purpose becomes a demon of lust and is attracted to manifestations of this vice in other beings. This commonality allows the demon a foot hold or entry way into the being to be possessed.

The powers of Demons are potentially vast – there’s really no limit to what a Demon might accomplish. They possess most, if not all, of the capabilities of the original being (some in very corrupt form) and continue to grow in power as they corrupt souls in their endless quest for satisfaction. The Demons of the Blacklands, however, are something altogether more potent and corrupt. Whatever they were prior to becoming so corrupt, none can say. The very least of them are, for the purposes of taxonomy, considered to be Greater Demons.


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