Demonology is a bizarre and dangerous form of magick – even by the standards which Witchborn measure their abilities by. The basic principle of demonology involves the summoning, binding, and channeling of Demons. Demonology is, therefore, something of a hybrid discipline of magick in that it employs principles of Elementalism, Channeling, and Summoning with some Runemastery of a sort thrown in for good measure. It is, as such, very difficult to master properly.

Demonologists bind demons into their service against their will by transforming their own anima or animus into a sort of metaphysical prison for the demon or demons in question – they literally house these corruptive monstrosities within their own souls in a simulacrum of hell itself. The stronger the demonologist is, the more demons they can imprison within themselves and the stronger those demons can be. Demonologists gain some pretty bizarre powers in this way – gaining the ability to summon forth their demons and manifest them to fight on their behalf, channel the corruptive and destructive powers of their demons directly, ward against or bind demons with a strange form of Runemastery, and any number of other bizarre things.

Demonology can allow for the tapping of incredible power – power to destroy and corrupt, power to deceive. Demonologists also possess powers which enable them to open gates through which they can travel to a distant location quickly or draw others through those same gates – these are called Hellgates and their specific function is mind-boggling. It involves the demonologist opening a pathway into the realm within their own soul and then drawing someone into that realm and back out in another place – why this works is a mystery for most. Some demonologists also possess an ability called “The Logrus” – a strange, extra-dimensional demonic appendage (only visible to Witchborn who can sense demons) which can stretch a virtually infinite distance and follow simple commands. The Logrus is often used by demonologists who possess it (or who are possessed by it?) to find things they need or to bring people through their Hellgates.

The power of demonology comes at a hefty price – the modification done to one’s soul is rather permanent in nature. Each demon bound into a demonologist’s Hell takes up a portion of their soul – basically coming to possess that portion. Demonologists are under constant inner assault by the demons they bind – seeking to corrupt them, possess them, or escape them. They hear and see these demons constantly and are often driven a little insane by this constant inner drama. One slip up and a demon could break free and possess their entire soul and body, turning the demonologst into a form of Abomination. For all of this danger, demonologists possess incredible, bizarre, and versatile abilities.


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