Cryomancy is a rare type of magick which is only usable by those of a very specific genetic heritage – those who claim descent from Ravel Izhendarc I. This magick, to a cursory examination, appears to be some form of very rare Elementalism. Ice Elementals are not unheard of and some have been known to listen to magi and form pacts with them. Cyromancers make Ice Elementalists blanch.

Cryomancers possess a unique form of magick which started with the transformation of the progenitor of their line. Ravel Izhendarc I fused, body and soul, with a spiritual entity from another world – something akin to a primordial in nature. Fusion with a primordial on this level is unheard of – no druid has ever accomplished such a thing, that’s for sure. This fusion created a new being – a type of Abomination to be precise – which commanded all of the vast powers of that primordial being of ice, cold, and darkness. The nature of this being’s power was such that it constantly grew – seeking to envelop new things. This is how the magick was spread from Ravel Izhendarc to his descendants – the power required more vessels in which to contain itself and continue to grow.

Cryomancy is a hungry form of magick – it seeks to spread itself and grows stronger as it’s own influence is spread, in turn, spreading even further. It’s a self-sustaining cycle of growth which is slowly changing the world’s climate – and leading the Cryomancers of the north ever closer to becoming living gods of cold. The nature of the magick is not solely elemental but, also, metaphysical. Cryomancers of sufficient power can cease their own aging process or lock others in icey stasis. They can also create ice which will never melt. In addition, they’re perfectly capable of calling upon the powers of the land itself where the Frostblight holds sway – summoning it’s creatures to fight for them and altering the weather. A little known but horrifying fact – this control also extends to the very people who make their home in the Frostblight. These people are granted protection from the cold and harsh living conditions in return for their freedom.

One of the most powerful manifestations of Cryomancy is so-called “Black Ice” – ice heavily infused with essence which is so cold that it can never be melted by natural means. Magick can undo black ice, but nothing short of that can do it much harm. There have only been 8 wielders of the Black Ice in the history of the Izhendarcs up until this point. Fane Izhendarc is the only known person to currently wield the Black Ice.


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