The nation of Creid is bordered to the east by Bachraen, to the north by the Izhendarc Empire and Jaedenhad Lake, to the south by Ravynnia, and to the west by the Ikroes Sea. Creid claims nearly twice the territory that Bachraen does but much of it’s territory is uninhabited.

The land of Creid, geographically speaking, is dominated by hills and valleys. The weather in Creid is unpredictable, with high winds and violent thunder-storms being common occurrances. Most of the people of Creid build their houses in fortified dug-outs and tunnel systems which lay just below the surface of the earth. Those who dwell on the coast, however, live amongst the labyrinth-like caverns which honeycomb the sea-side cliffs. It is here, along the coast, that much of Creid’s commerce and activity happens.

The people of Creid are a sea-faring race of warriors, traders, and craftsmen. They have a reputation for larger-than-life passions. Creid is ruled over by a council of thanes elected from amongst the clans who choose a High Thane from amongst themselves every ten years. Thanes usually serve for life, but may be voted out of office by a two-thirds majority vote of their clan. All natives of Creid are tied, in some way, to one of the clans and one’s clan allegiance is far more important than one’s immediate blood relations within the context of Creidan society. This leads to the Creidan naming convention: Clan Name, Given Name, Family Name.

Outsiders are treated with a mixture of amusement and fascination by most Creidans – although some Creidans do espouse an isolationist philosophy. These isolationists are, however, in the minority as Creid’s traders continue to ply the high seas in search of adventure – and profit!

Creidan culture is all about balancing risk with reward – how far do you dare push before being pushed back? A common game amongst Creidan children is Cliffdiving – where they, quite literally, dive off the tops of the sheer cliffs overlooking the Creidan coast – right into the hungry sea below. Death is, surprisingly, uncommon. Creidans are also known for being prolific drinkers and tellers of tall tales – they have a custom wherein a circle of revelers take turns trying to outdo each other in a contest of boasting – puntuating their tales by downing a whole mug of the strongest liquor on hand and exclaiming, “And if my tale be false, may I drown in me own bile!” Whoever is left standing at the end of this competition gains considerable prestige – but is also responsible for paying the tabs of those who have already passed out.

Ethnic Characteristics: Most Creidans tend to be fair skinned with dark hair and light eyes – brown hair and blue eyes being a common combination. Creidans tend to be on the short side – males average 5’4” and females average 4’11” in height. Credian males tend to be heavily muscled for their size, though – their weight averages out at around 160 lbs. Females are hardy, too – weighing about 120 lbs.

Major Cities: Gjorn, Davri, Zeregh

Major Exports: Fur, stone, metalwork, and potatoes.


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