Concordant Council

The Concordant Council was establish by The Signing of the Great Concordance – around 200 years ago. This group represents the interests of the various countries which appoint them in the arena of international politics and trade.

The Concordant Council has only a few actual powers granted to them via consent of the nations of the Concordance, but these powers give them great leeway in conducting affairs to their liking. The Council has the power to impose sanctions and tariffs on exported goods of any kind and collect a small tax on all goods of any type which are traded across borders within the Concordance. They have the power to arbitrate trade and border disputes between nations. And, finally, they have the authority to raise levees of troops from the Concordant Nations in order to enforce the rulings of the council – when necessary.

The council itself is comprised of one representative from each nation for a total of 9 council members. Each council member serves for life or until a new council member is appointed to replace them – methods of selecting a council member are left up to the discretion of the individual nation which appoints the council member. The only major restriction is that the member appointed can not be the ruler of one of the Concordant Nations. A Chancellor is selected from amongst the councilors by 2/3rds majority vote of the council – they serve until voted out of the position via a vote of No-Confidence. A vote of No-Confidence can be called for at any time for any reason by a member of the Council – the downside being that if the vote is unsuccessful the councilor in question must resign his or her position.

Under the council’s guidance, Antegaea has begun to prosper – life is certainly better now than in the centuries immediately following the collapse of Atlanei. Only time will tell if the council will be able to hold to their ideals of fair-minded democracy, free trade, and peace.

Concordant Council

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