Character Achievements

Character achievements work much like anyone who has played an X-Box 360 or PS3 game would expect – they are special, in-game objectives of a (mostly) secretive nature that usually have something to do with a meta-accomplishment i.e. accomplishing some arbitrary, non-storyline, out-of-character inspired objective – which grant the character a special bonus when achieved.

Each character has 5 “active” achievements at a time which are based on what the character is currently able to accomplish in the game. Some are known only by the GM, some are known by the GM and the players. Most achievements are just fun goals to test your character against – others are designed to encourage seemingly sub-optimal storyline or character advancement choices for the sake of bringing greater dynamism to the game. All achievements grant certain benefits when unlocked.

All Achievements: Grant +1XP.

Some Achievements: In additon to the bonus XP provided, some achievements might unlock bonuses to your character’s attributes, skills, or grant bonus advantages to your character. It’s also possible to gain access to special equipment or character advancement options through achievements.

There are, also, a few universal achievements which apply to all characters once accomplished.


“Bam! Headshot!” – Successfully make 5 or more called shots to hit location 10 or “the head.” Completed by: Vinnie Miller. Reward: +1 XP, Unlocked next rank in Bow Martial Path for purchase.


“Elemental Buffet.” – Attempting: Alexi Baurheim.

“What does this do…?” – Attempting: Theren Fel.

“Jon’s Story.” – Attempting: Espin Thatcher.

“Hey, we’ve just met but I want to ask you something personal…” – Attempting: Rasen Brasler.

Character Achievements

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