Campaign Quotes

“Dualla, you mustn’t intercede. This…? This is man time!” – Drig, in regards to a physical altercation between Alexi and Rasen

“Our friends….they’ve gotten pretty weird, haven’t they Alexi?” – Vinnie, observing his friends doing very strange, magick related exercises

“Jimmy the Fish says, ‘What’s up?’” – Eilos Torm, just prior to bludgeoning some low-life’s skull in for fun and profit

“POSSESSION!!!” – Rasen Brasler, upon bursting into Theren Fel’s home looking for supplies to exorcise Abby Baurheim

“IT ATE MY FACE” – Rasen Brasler, too many times to count

“She’s possessed, not a Ring Wraith.” – Alexi’s player to Rasen’s player when he asked for Abby’s reaction as the party crossed a river.

Campaign Quotes

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