Legends tell of men and women of such fierceness in battle they sent opponents fleeing at the very sight of them – warriors so terrible that it seemed no wound or obstacle was capable of stopping them. These legends call such folk Berserkers and Berserkers are a very real, albeit rare, thing.

Berserkers are a naturally occurring form of Abomination (or as natural as these things get) who are born to the state. The conditions for their creation are specific and rare. While carrying the Berserker-to-be the mother has to fulfill the following criteria.

  1. The mother of the child must be a Witchborn.
  2. The child in question must have inherited the Witchborn trait from its mother or father.
  3. The mother of the child must perpetrate an act of extreme violence motivated by uncontrollable rage or be the target of such an act.

Even meeting these conditions, the creation of a Berserker is not guaranteed – a suitable demon must take notice and attempt to possess the mother of the Berserker. The mother of the Berserker must then successfully fight off the demon in question and shunt it, either on purpose or by accident, into the body of her unborn child.

In ancient times Berserkers were actually created by early humans by following the above steps in a ritualistic fashion. It’s easy to see why they would go through the trouble.

The being which emerges carries within it a spirit which is an amalgamation of a human soul and the demon of Wrath which tried to possess its mother – possessing the wisdom and intuition of an ages old spirit and the power and agency of a human. Most Berserkers don’t inherit the memories of the demon, however.

Berserkers learn very quickly and possess incredible powers of observation and intuition. They’re also stronger, faster, and tougher than normal humans and heal much more quickly. Their true power, however, lies in the Berserk state itself. The Berserk state occurs when the Berserker becomes sufficiently angry or excited – driving all reasoning ability and restraint from their mind and inducing a state of rage-filled blood lust from which no one is safe. This state amplifies their naturally high strength, speed, and endurance to superhuman levels and causes their body to emit an aura of supernatural fear which causes opponents’ morale to break.

Berserkers are absolute terrors on the field of battle – breaking bones like twigs, punching through heavy armor with their hands, shrugging off blows that would kill others outright, and moving with terrifying speed and agility all the while.

Berserkers cannot develop their Witchborn powers into full magick – the state of Abomination precludes it. They do possess supernatural awareness and are capable of sensing magick and spiritual phenomenon with ease even if they can’t develop magick. Some Berserkers do learn the rudimentary essence manipulation tricks common to all Witchborn, however. Their rage-tainted essence is unruly, however, and behaves differently than normal human essence and most give up such practices out of frustration. The development of their powers into full magick is impossible due to the fact that their essence is unpalatable to most spiritual entities and is so unruly it prevents the study of independent magicks such as Aleithomancy or Necromancy.

It costs 20 character points to be a Berserker.

Bererker Racial Traits


Sight +1d, Hearing +1d, Scrutinize +1d, Run +1ED, Dodge +1ED, Fight +1MD

Fast Healing: Berserkers heal twice as much damage as usual in a given period of time.

Berserker State: When angered, a Berserker may trigger the Berserk State. The Berserker attacks the closest thing to himself then proceeds from there in a systematic fashion – regardless of whether he’s attacking friend or foe. The Berserk State grants a +1MD bonus to Body and Coordination but makes it impossible to use COMMAND, CHARM, or KNOWLEDGE based skills. SENSE based skill rolls are made at a difficulyt of 6. This state lasts for BODY + 1 rounds and may be entered a number of times per day equal to COMMAND. The Berserker also gains AR 1 to all hit locations. When exiting the state, the Berserker automatically takes 1 S to all hit locations. Lastly, the Berserker must make a CHARM + COMMAND check any time he wishes to prevent himself from harming allies or innocents during this state – failure indicates he attacks the ally or friendly with deadly prejudice.


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