These ancient clans of people are ignorantly dubbed the Beastfolk by outsiders who don’t understand their ways. In this age none of the so-called Beastfolk live in Antegaea but they are quite common on the southern continent of Fal’Durast.

The Beastfolk are best known for their bestial features – each clan displaying traits associated with a certain type of creature and, it’s said, some become more bestial when they become excited or angry. There are a few main clans of Beastfolk led by their respective Beast Gods.

The Beast Gods play a very important role in the lives of the Beastfolk clans – they are said to be the protectors and spiritual guides of the Beastfolk clans and that the clans serve them in turn. Some say that the Beastfolk clans came to be as they are via long exposure to the powerful magicks which the Beast Gods embody. No one is entirely sure – but the Beastfolk were ancient and wise when the Sidhe began to drive the Beastgods out of Antegaea.

There are a few primary clans amongst the Beastfolk, tribes of which are led by different Beast Gods who sometimes work together and other times work at cross-purposes. It costs 15 (of 85) character points at character creation to be a member of the Beastfolk clans – though in The Threshold the option to be a Beastfolk is prohibited.

All Clans: +1 SENSE, Scent +1MD, Fast Healing: Heal W x 2 Shock per day with Body + Vigor roll. Heal W x 2 Killing per week with Body + Vigor roll.

Ape Clan: +1 BODY, Climb +1MD.

Bear Clan: +1 BODY, Claws: Deal W Shock + 1 Killing with unarmed strikes.

Boar Clan: +1 BODY, Tough: 1 extra wound box per hit location.

Fox Clan: +1 COORDINATION, Gain the Lucky Advantage for free.

Frog Clan: +1 COORDINATION, Expert: Swim +1MD, Hold breath 5 times longer than normal.

Horse Clan: +1 BODY, Endurance +1MD.

Ox Clan: +1 BODY, Strength of the Ox: Carry 1.5x as much weight as normal.

Rabbit Clan: +1 COORDINATION, Run +1MD.

Ram Clan: +1 BODY, Headbutt: Roll BODY + Fight to deal W Shock + 1 Killing with a headbutt.

Raptor Clan: +1 COORDINATION, Sight +1MD.

Rat Clan: +1 COORDINATION, Stealth +1MD.

Serpent Clan: +1 COORDINATION, Serpent’s Strike: +1 W on all attacks for purposes of determining action order.

Tiger Clan: +1 BODY, Fascinate +1MD.

Turtle Clan: +1 BODY, Bony Plates: 3 AR on Torso (Hit Locations 7 to 9).

Wolf Clan: +1 COORDINATION, Hearing +1MD.


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