Beast Gods

Beast God is a broad term referring to any number of powerfully supernatural sapient animals capable of incredible paranormal feats who have considerable influence on other animals of their type and on humans who live in close proximity to them. These creatures have existed since the earliest days of life – representing aspects of the perfect specimen of their respective species incarnated in the flesh and given dominion over their kind. Beast Gods are believed to occur in almost all species of animals in varying frequency – the more obscure the species the less Beast Gods are born into that species. Humans, however, do not produce Gods of their own – despite being animals of a sort. This led to the Beast Gods adopting the early Humans into their clans – their powerful supernatural influence causing those Humans adopted into the societies to change over time into the Beastfolk.

The Beast Gods are known to have ruled over Antegaea for over ten thousand years – prior to the arrival of the Sidhe on the continent. During this time the humans under their care barely progressed past stone age level technology and those humans who lived outside of the circles of the Beast Gods – pure humans untainted by the influence of the Beast Gods – lived such mean existences that they didn’t have a whole lot of extra resources with which to develop anything like advanced technologies. Life in Antegaea carried on in this primal state for quite some time before the Beast Gods were eventually driven out of their ancestral haunts by the invading Sidhe and the rabble of humans they turned to their cause with promises of technology and knowledge. The Sidhe knew how to kill Beast Gods and they did so with great efficacy.

The Beast Gods all have unique abilities associated with the traits of their particular species – a Turtle God might, for instance, be nigh invulnerable when within his shell, for instance. But they also have a few common traits that tags them as Beast Gods to anyone in the know.

1. Beast Gods are very large compared to other members of their species. A bear the size of a tank is not unheard of.

2. Beast Gods can communicate with any living creature telepathically.

3. Beast Gods are very intelligent but also ruled by their instincts. They are an amalgamation of sapience and raw instinct.

4. Beast Gods can command lesser creatures of their own types and, over time, cause those that linger in their presence to grow more intelligent and “Beast God”-like themselves.

5. Humans who linger in the presence of a Beast God begin to take on traits associated with that Beast God’s type – creating Beastfolk.

6. Beast Gods heal with amazing speed and can regenerate most damage given enough time to do so. They also live forever – never dying of old age. They are mostly immune to diseases but certain kinds of poisons and supernatural illnesses are deadly to them.

7. Beast Gods possess strange powers of healing and fatebinding – combining aspects of Druidism, Warging, and Wyrding into some power intrinsic to themselves.

Beast Gods

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