Bachraeni Aristelle

The ruling class of Bachraen are called the Aristelle – a bastardization of the high Atlaneian word for “noble.” These decadent nobles exercise remarkable control over the lower classes of their land – a control which borders on the supernatural, some say. They are considered an ethnicity unto themselves – such is the pride they take in never breeding outside of their social class. Incest is very common amongst the Bachraeni Aristelle and rumors persist of something not-quite-human in their make-up.

Members of the Bachraeni Aristelle often have exaggerated, tapering features and long, elegant arms and legs – they are also known for exhibiting unusual eye colors like red, purple, orange, and pink. Many, those with the “purest” blood, also possess elongated, sharp canine teeth and thick, hard fingernails which grow to a point. Some amongst them are also said to be born with bifurcated tongues or pointed ears.

If their physical oddities weren’t enough, Bachraeni Aristelle can be downright inhuman sometimes – they affect a callous attitude towards human life and seem equally fascinated by sensations of both pleasure and pain. All Aristelle also have the ability to influence the moods and actions of their “lesser” countrymen – those who have grown up as a part of the peasant or middle class in Bachraen – with the power of their voices. They have an almost hypnotic quality to their voices which seems particularly effective on those who have been exposed to it repeatedly and over time – such as the peasant class.

Bachraeni Aristelle may spend character points during generation to obtain the following supernatural power. They may spend an equivalent amount of XP during play to upgrade the power.

Hypnotic Persuasion (3/6/12)

Qualities: U.

Useful capacities: Range.

Flaws and Extras: If/Then (must be able to see and speak to targets) -1, Radius (10 yds)+2

Effect: You can control the target’s behavior for the power’s duration (that’s one round). All targets within 10 yards of the power’s point of origin are affected. The target can oppose your power’s roll with a Command + Equilibrium roll. After the first round, the target can get another attempt to throw off your power with a Command + Equilibrium roll by spending a point of Essence. Note that you must be able to see and speak to the targets to affect them with this power.

Bachraeni Aristelle

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