Bachraen borders the countries of Creid, Leorans, Naen, and Ravynnia and also lays adjacent to Jaedenhad Lake in the north. Physically Bachraen is one of the smaller countries in Antegaea, but is nonetheless very influential – both culturally and politically. It’s lands are temperate, forested, and cool with mild summers and winters. Bachraen, however, has a not undeserved reputation in other lands as being a place of dark dealings and darker ambitions.

Bachraen’s ruling class of nobles – called the Aristelle – hold almost all power within the land. The merchant, or middle-class, which holds so much power in other nations has little or no influence in Bachraen. All power flows from the Aristelle and the Monarchy – non-nobles are considered little better than animals by many members of the ruling families and are oft treated as such. It is well within the rights of one of the Aristelle to murder a peasant in cold blood, in full view of the public, and receive no punishment or reprimand for the act. The Aristelle exercise an almost unshakable control over the peasantry – a control which many outlanders believe is rooted in long-forgotten pacts and dark sorceries. The nobility in Bachraen are certainly an insular lot, and many do exhibit very strange physical features. There might very well be some credibility to the rumors of Bachraeni bloodlines being mingled with that of fel beings in exchange for power – but the physical peculiarities in question could just as easily be the result of inbreeding of a far less sinister, if no less disgusting, sort.

Despite Bachraen’s glaring problems, it is still a land of beauty. The architecture is marvelous, the fashion ever-changing (at least amongst the Aristelle), and the cuisine divine. Religion is a matter of personal preference so far as the Bachraeni ruling class is concerned – and religious cults of dubious integrity rise and fall in popularity amongst the Aristelle with frightening regularity. The Church of the One has made some headway in this land amongst the peasantry, but it’s teachings are considered little more than a passing fad by the jaded Aristelle. Their games of deceit and posturing are as much a means to amuse themselves as they are a means of currying favor with whoever the ruling family happens to be.

The current ruling family of Bachraen is House Ibliss – they have held the throne for the past sixty-three years. Ermos De Ibliss II currently rules in Bachraen. House Ibliss has been much more cooperative with Bachraen’s neighbors than previous ruling houses and, as a result, have become somewhat unpopular with the other houses. However, they have improved the lot of their meaner subjects – the peasantry in particular. As such, they’ve gained a measure of support from the common folk. House Ibliss has even gone so far as to open up talks with the ruling family of Leorans for the first time in over three centuries – despite both countries’ status as members of the Great Concordance.

Bachraen has, for at least the past three centuries, held a fierce loathing of the nation of Leorans to it’s south. No one is entirely sure what sparked the feud between the two countries – some say it had something to do with an arranged marriage gone awry, others think it was a trade agreement that went belly-up, still others think it a matter of base jealousy. No one is entirely sure of whom is jealousy of whom, though. House Ibliss, as previously stated, has taken some small strides toward ending this feud once and for all – which has made them rather unpopular in certain quarters.

Ethnic Characteristics: Commoners and Aristelle both tend to be short in stature and thin of build. Males average 5’5” in height, weighing in at around 140 lbs. Females average 5’0” and weigh about 100 lbs. on average. Dark hair colors are common and eye colors run the gamut – with the Aristelle possessing some more unusual colors such as red, purple, or pink. Bachraeni women with dark hair and purple eyes are considered to be highly desirable.

Major Cities: Bachyss, Athetis, and Pythala.

Major Exports: Wine, fruit, spices, and textiles.


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