Everyone alive in modern Antegaea today claims some degree of Atlaneian blood. And while many probably do, in fact, have an ancestor or two who were Atlaneian, few indeed are what one would call “pure” Atlaneian anymore.

Historically, the Atlaneians were a tribe of non-Beastfolk Humans who rose up in the wake of the Exodus of the Beast Gods and, with the aid of Sidhe influences, managed to conquer and assimilate the remaining human tribes and spread outwards to conquer the continent. Physically, however, true Atlaneians didn’t exist for a few hundred years after the initial flurry of conquering took place – after the original tribe had bred with those it had conquered and the Sidhe had begun to take lovers amongst the humans.

These descendants of Sidhe-Human matings were prized above all others and considered to be of higher blood than their fellows. These were considered the first true Atlaneians. Possessed of incredibly longevity, remarkable resistance to disease and injury, and an uncommonly high frequency of witchsight manifestation – these Atlaneians were a hardier breed than their fellows and quickly grew to dominate the society of the Empire even as the last of the Sidhe began to die out. It was these true Atlaneians who formed the backbone of Imperial society and made possible many of the miraculous works of magick which characterized the age. It was these same Atlaneians and their gift for magick that would cause the downfall of the great Empire and the atrocities that took place during the Blackgate War.

In the wake of the Blackgate War those of pure Atlaneian bloodlines were persecuted relentlessly and driven into exile in far off places – many eventually settling down and marrying into the local populations in the hope that their descendants would be able to live normal lives if their powerful blood were thinned somewhat. Many were successful in submerging the qualities of their strange blood, but some were not so successful. At times, to this very day, children are born in whom – for whatever reason – the blood of Atlanei has converged and awakened once more.

Atlaneians were said to have lived into their second century and were said to be lean figured, long of limb, and tall with well-formed, chiseled features and subtly pointed ears.

Atlaneians, in the era of The Threshold, are exceedingly rare. It costs 15 character points at character creation to be an Atlaneian – this option is prohibited and requires GM approval.

Atlaneian Traits


Eerie +1ed, Vigor +1ed, Counterspell +1ed

Strong-Souled: Starting Animus/Anima value is increased by 1.

Problem: Accursed Heritage (suffer serious negative reactions when heritage is recognized).


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