The continent of Antegaea is situated in the northern hemisphere of the world of Neverael and is roughly 10,000,000 square miles (or about 26,000,000 square kilometers) in size. Antegaea enjoys a rich and varied landscape – mountains, plains, swamps, forests, tundra, and more can all be found here. Below are the major geographical regions and landmarks of note.

Abari Mountains: The Abari Mountains form a curious ring which begins in the north-west of the Domari peninsula (dominated by Domremi) and curves northward, skirting the coast, then terminates in the east – forming a protective barrier and natural border between the nations of Domremi and Ravynnia. This range is relatively small but full of strange phenomenon – particularly activity involving the restless dead.

The Black Land: In the far east of Antegaea stands the Eben Mountains (or Eben Peaks) and beyond them is the cursed territory known only as the Black Land. This area was once a verdant coastal region of comparable climate to the mediterranean. Some twelve hundred years ago, however, all of that changed when a fel blight of some sort was unleashed in the east – corrupting the very earth, water, and air of the place with an infectious, all-consuming evil. Little is known of what transpires in this cursed place now – but, thankfully, it’s evil has been contained by the wards of the ancient Atlaneians and the efforts of the Eben Guard for the past millenia.

Druagynlurk Sands: Between the vast untamed grasslands known as the Wind Country and the far, southern Republic of Vyndhurst lays the Druagynlurk Sands – a vast wasteland of shifting sands and unforgiving heat ruled over by a race of savage creatures called Sand Dragons. Crossing the Sands of this place is considered to be an almost mythical feat of bravery or stupidity – depending upon whom you ask. There is one semi-safe route which leads through the stunted range of mountains which skirts the west coast of the place – the Dune Mounts. The way is long and torturous. Most wishing to trade with distant Vyndhurst instead travel by sea and hope that they will be spared by the pirate-clans of the Crimson Sea. The Sand Dragons who rule over the place are savage creatures of base intelligence and low cunning who hunt their prey by slipping swiftly and silently through the sands.

Eben Mountains: According to legend, the Eben Mountains did not exist before about 1200 years ago. They were, in fact, raised from the earth by powerful Atlaneian magi – employing magicks of a calibre which defy imagination – to form a natural barrier between the rest of Antegaea and the Black Land and, also, to serve as a focus for the powerful wards these same magi created to lock the evil of that place in. The Eben Guard was established from the remnants of these magi to serve as sentinels and wardens of the Black Land – keeping the wards and other protections intact and remaining forever vigilant lest the evil within rise up to consume the land once more. Despite the presence of the Guard, these mountains are anything but safe – fell beasts twisted by the residual evil of the place breed in the mountains. That’s to say nothing of the madmen and depraved cultists who flock to the Eben Mountains – constantly seeking to undo the wards and let the Black Ones free once more.

Frostblight: Stretching across the north of Antegaea is a place called the Frostblight. The Frostblight was once much smaller in size – taking up half of the territory it now claims. About 800 years ago, that all changed with the rise of a powerful new force in the north lands – a young warlord by the name of Ravel Izhendarc – later known as Ravel Izhendarc I. Using a previously unknown form of magic called Cryomancy, Ravel conquered and united all of the warring barbarian tribes of the far north and began a meteoric outward expansion – achieving empire in only 20 years time. He was aided in large part in these efforts by the strange power he had over the ice, cold, and the very land of the north – where Izhendarc conquered, the Frostblight followed and the young warlord’s powers seemed to grow in-turn. It was, in this way, that the Frostblight expanded to it’s current boundaries – not merely through the efforts of Ravel I, though. Each of Ravel I’s descendants also inherited his mysterious power and have continued the expansion of the empire up until the present.

Garn Plains: The Garn Plains stretch across the center of Antegaea, running from the edge of modern-day Bachraen, across Naen, and to the steppes of the Eben Mountains themselves in far Thanelia. These plains are home to vast, wandering herds of hooved animals, ferocious predators, and dotted with thousands of homesteads and farms. The Garn Plains form the backbone of what was once called the “Breadbasket of the Empire” back in the days of Atlanei. Even now, those countries who claim a part of the region for themselves never want for grain or most types of produce – the plains are an incredibly fertile area. The main dangers of the plains exist in the form of brigands, bandits, and outlaws who rove the wide-open spaces looking for easy prey – usually in the form of an unprotected homestead or an unsuspecting caravan of traders or Rabni. There are a few fearsome creatures who wander the area, though – such as the infamous Talonstriders.

Ishtil Mountains: Intersecting with the Eben Mountains, this small range forms a natural boundary between the Izhendarc Empire and the Frostblight in the north and the Kingdom of Naen. The area has been rife with turmoil in the past decade – a haven for bandits and other scum, in addition to being an occassional haunt for Yeti and other creatures of the Frostblight.

Jaedenhad Lake: This huge body of fresh water borders Bachraen, Creid, Naen, and the Izhendarc Empire. Completely landlocked, this lake has been a favorite spot of fishermen and the like for centuries – with numerous fishing villages of various nationalities dotting it’s shores. The lake is home to many species of freshwater fish – including the much sought after Hardhead Tarpon. These fish are prized for the quality and consistency of the boney, plate-like growth which covers their heads. This ivory is used in many kinds of jewelry and carvings. The lake is also said to he home to a rare and elusive species of drake – Thresher Drakes. These somewhat smaller, aquatic cousins to the infamous Sand Dragons are rather inscrutable – tales tell of them being at times ferocious and at times playful or even helpful to travelers on the lake. The northern reaches of the lake are home to drifitng icebergs and sheets of broken ice, but the southern areas are relatively safe to muck about in.

Sothmire Forest: Sothmire Forest begins in the west – in Ravynnia – and stretches eastwards from there, covering parts of Bachraen, Creid, Leorans, Naen, and even Thanelia before terminating. The heart of the forest is said to be in Ravynnia, however, and few would dispute this claim seeing as how Ravynnia is almost completely covered by the towering trees of Sothmire. The forest is, naturally, full of wild beasts who make their homes amongst the trees and shade – but it is in Ravynnia, amongst the largest and oldest trees, that the most interesting things happen. These trees are hundreds, if not thousands of years old, and tower above the landscape – some reaching heights of 300 feet or more. The Ravynnians make their homes in the boughs of these trees – using complex bridge and pulley systems to link their communities together. A whole arboreal ecosystem has evolved in this part of the forest – with some species never leaving the safety of the canopy. Loam Drakes make their homes on the forest floor, amongst the debris of centuries of forest life, devouring anything that comes within easy reach.

Urthesck Swamp: The Urthesck Swamp dominates most of what is the country of Leorans. Many of the communities in Leorans are built right on the water using pylons and platforms and other floating apparatus. These vast swamps are home to many strange and eerie creatures but are also home to a large number of dangerous creatures of a more mundane sort. Crocodiles of legendary size prowl these waterways, in addition to enormous serpents, and poisonous frogs. The infamous Stone Frog is said to be so large that it can swallow a human child whole. The area is plagued by mad cultists who worship unspeakable things in the remote reaches of the swamp – chanting profane verses before altars covered in gore to things best left forgotten.

Wind Country: The Wind Country is a wild, windswept area of rolling grasslands situated between the forested borders of Ravynnia and the desolate Druagynlurk Sands. This area is home to wandering tribes of nomadic horsemen who claim descent from the mythological Centaurs whom legends claim once dominated the area. These tribes worship elemental spirits, for the most part, and are constantly at war with one another over territory and resources – rarely working together for any reason. These savage Wind Tribes do, however, cooperate when any attempt by outsiders is made to invade their ancestral lands – uniting just long enough to throw back the interlopers. Many of the Tribes also make raids into Ravynnia – though they stay out of Domremi due to powerful superstitions amongst their people.


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