Aleithomancy is a pretty rare form of magick – even so far as forms of magick are concerned. Very few witchborn throughout history have been known to wield this form of magick and it’s origins are clouded in a considerable amount of mystery – as is the source of this magick’s incredible power.

Aleithomancy is the magic of truths. This, in itself, is a deceptive concept – as truths are so subjective in and of themselves that finding an absolute truth is nigh impossible. There are fragments of such absolute truths, however, and Aleithomancers deal with these – amongst other things. But just how does an Aleithomancer’s powers work? What can they do with their magick?

Aleithomancers possess incredible powers of insight. This is their primary strength and, in the right hands, it’s more than enough to make any Aleithomancer a force to be reckoned with.

Aleithomancers, through their powers of insight, can see through lies and deceptions of all sorts but they also have the power to see possibility itself – even the possible futures stemming from a given set of actions. This isn’t all, however. Aleithomancers also possess the coveted ability of Truth Mimicry – the ability to mimic any magickal effect they see performed in their presence. This ability doesn’t allow them to perform magick up to the level of a specialist in that type of magick, but they can do a passable enough job for it to be an incredible power. Apparently, there are limits to their use of this ability in that they must see an effect performed to mimic it – they can’t just pull an effect out of their bag of tricks at any time after having seen it done.

These witchborn also possess powers relating to reading the minds and hearts of others and can grant visions and foretellings. Their power to “Inflict Truth” is greatly feared by those familiar with the capabilities of Aleithomancers. They can show a person, in one moment, exactly who and what that person is – on a fundamental and spiritual level. This can have devastating side-effects on the psyche, but it can also be incredibly enlightening. Many have risked having this particular effect worked on them for the wisdom it can bring. Most, however, go mad from the insight thrust upon them.

As to the source of the Aleithomancers powers? It is believed that they have a lot in common with the Runemasters – drawing their powers from fragments of universal or divine truths. Instead of learning to express these universal truths as symbols and draw on the collective beliefs invested in those symbols to channel them, they learn to embody these truths in body, mind, and spirit. It’s an unusual process, but Aleithomancers – over time – actually begin to transform into living symbols of universal truths. They come to embody something greater than themselves – gaining a sort of strange immortality through this process.

Aleithomancers are a varied lot – no two are exactly alike in their outlook or their exact powers. Being so rare, most Aleithomancers go their entire lives without meeting another – so their abilities quite naturally evolve along widely divergent lines.


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