Vincent "Vinnie" Miller, Jr.

Hunter and outdoorsman with a love of alcohol, a cunning mind, and a powerful sense of loyalty.

Hair: Dirty Blonde Eyes: Warm Brown
Height: 5’11" (1.8 m) Weight: 170 lb. (77kg)

Mission: Obtain egg or carcass of a Talonstrider using hunting skills.

Duty: Never allow oneself to become indebted to another.

Craving: Try every alcoholic beverage he encounters once.

Problems: Drunken blackouts. Hated Enemy (Ashley Baurheim). Fenris of the Black Jaw.

Total XP/XP Spent: 21/17

Attributes and Skills
|Body 3| |Sense 3| |Charm 2| |Coordination 3| |Command 2| |Knowledge 2|
|Athletics 3| |Direction 3| |Fascinate 0| |Climb 1| |Haggle 2| |Counterspell 0|
|Endurance 3| |Eerie 2| |Graces 0| |Dodge 2| |Inspire 0| |Healing 2|
|Fight 2| |Empathy 0| |Lie 0| |Perform 0| |Intimidate 0| |Language: Low Tongue 1MD|
|Parry 0| |Hearing 3| |Jest 0| |Ride 0| |Perform 0| |Lore 0|
|Run 3| |Scrutinize 3| |Plead 0| |Stealth 3| |NA| |Strategy 0|
|Vigor 3| |Sight 3| |NA| |Weapon: Bow 3| |NA| |Tactics 0|
|NA| |Hunting 3| |NA| |Weapon: Axe 1| |NA| |Student: Trapping 3|

Advantages: Leather Hard (+1 wound box to all hit locations), Witchborn (possesses the ability to develop magickal powers).

Fate/Luck: 4/4

Animus/Essence: 5/5

Madness Meters
|Unnatural| |Violence| |Helplessness| |Self|
|Hardened/Failed: 1/1| |Hardened/Failed: 0/0| |Hardened/Failed: 1/0| |Hardened/Failed: 0/0|
|Equilibrium 2|


Vincent Miller, Jr. or “Vinnie” as he would come to be known, was born in the town of Southvane to Vincent Miller, Sr. and Elizabeth Miller (formerly a Thatcher – sister to Hayden Thatcher). Vinnie’s early years were fairly typical for a boy in Southvane – he ran about getting into and out of trouble with the other children and generally making a mess of things while learning the lay of the land and such. His father, being the town’s only Miller, made a respectable living grinding grain into various kinds of meal for use in baking and other such activities by the townsfolk. Vinnie, though playful, showed an extreme sense of loyalty from an early age and would not hesitate to step in to defend someone he called friend – even when he was very small.

When Vinnie was enrolled at the local school house at the age of six he immediately befriended Alexi Baurheim – whom he had seen around before but never really spoken to. The two became fast friends – sharing similar interests and personality traits. While Vinnie might have made a best friend out of one of the Baurheim clan during these years, he also made a nemesis out of a member of the same family – Ashley Baurheim (Alexi’s older brother and eldest sibling). While playing outside during recess one day, Vinnie happened to bump into Ashley and knock the older boy down. Ashley, perturbed, told Vinnie – in a very belligerent manner – to watch where he was going. Vinnie responded by making an off-hand comment belittling Ashley’s masculinity and mocking his girlish name. Ashley responded to this by beating the hell out of Vinnie on the school-house steps. From that day forward, both Vinnie and Alexi had it in for Ashley. Ashley, however, was no slouch in keeping up his end of the animosity.

Vincent had never been a particularly astute student – he had a good mind but little interest in the subject matter foisted off on him by the school. He learned to read, write, and to use basic mathematics but lacked any real desire to go into more advanced studies. It was, because of this and the untimely withdrawal of Alexi from the school, that Vinnie decided to drop out – at the age of 11. He had learned all he cared to learn and school wouldn’t be “worth it” – to his thinking – if Alexi wasn’t there anymore. He began to learn the family trade in earnest during this time – though still with a simmering sense of dissatisfaction that he could not shake. While attending his father during a business dealing on the Fel Clan’s ranch, Vinnie met his future mentor – Chester Renton.

Chester Renton had been hired by the Fel’s to track and kill a bothersome lone Talonstrider that had already killed two young foals. Chester brought the Talonstrider back, quite dead, and laid it out before the Fels and the astonished Vinnie. Chester Renton was, apparently, a hunter of no small skill who – from time to time – took jobs like these to make ends meet between woodcarving/woodworking projects and arrow fletching (of little demand in Southvane). Vinnie became enamoured of the idea of becoming a hunter like Renton and, for the next few weeks, hounded the older man whenever he could. Finally, Chester Renton agreed to take on the oh-so-persistent Vinnie as his apprentice.

Vinnie took to Renton’s teachings with gusto. The sense of dissatisfaction that had plagued him for months seemed to evaporate as he began to learn the hunter’s craft. Vinne began spending less and less time learning the family business and more time with Renton or with Alexi. As a result, Vinnie became more and more distant from his parents – often staying out all night without notice and getting into arguments with his father over the family trade. He did grow into a fantastic tracker and hunter during this time – employing traps and ambush style tactics to bag many a game animal. Vinnie secretly wished to try his hand at killing a Talonstrider, though.

Being an only child, Vinnie was considered exempt from the Tithing and, so, when the Tithe collector came (earlier in his life) he was passed over with little fanfare. He always had a sort of outsiders view into the chaos and sorrow the Tithing caused for other families. When Adrianne Baurheim – Alexi’s so-called “Creidan Twin” – was Tithed Vinnie was struck by the unfairness of it and by the sorrow and anger inflicted upon his best friend by the event. He, as a result, grew extremely protective of both Alexi and his newest little sister – Abigail.

As the Tithing began to approach for a second time in the young man’s life, Vinnie became more and more restless as his best friend’s consternation over the event seemed to grow and grow…

Vincent "Vinnie" Miller, Jr.

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