Thespinetta "Espin" Thatcher

Fiery former tomboy turned tavern maid known for her pragmatic sensibilities and dry witticism.

Hair: Dark Red Eyes: Golden/Amber
Height: 5’3" (1.6 m) Weight: 120 lb. (54 kg)

Mission: Take care of Abby.

Duty: Espin refuses to become inebriated under any circumstances.

Craving: Not specified.

Problems: Alcoholic father. Fenris of the Black Jaw.

Total XP/XP Spent: 23/18

Attributes and Skills
|Body 3| |Sense 4| |Charm 4| |Coordination 2| |Command 3| |Knowledge 2|
|Athletics 1| |Direction 1| |Fascinate 2| |Climb 1| |Haggle 2| |Counterspell 0|
|Endurance 1| |Eerie 3| |Graces 2| |Dodge 1| |Inspire 0| |Healing 3|
|Fight 2| |Empathy 2| |Lie 1| |Perform 0| |Intimidate 0| |Language: Low Tongue 1MD|
|Parry 0| |Hearing 2| |Jest 0| |Ride 1| |Perform 0| |Lore 1|
|Run 1| |Scrutinize 1| |Plead 0| |Stealth 3| |NA| |Strategy 0|
|Vigor 2| |Sight 2| |NA| |Weapon 0| |NA| |Tactics 0|
|NA| |NA| |NA| |NA| |NA| |Student 0|

Advantages: Thickheaded, Beauty (Rank 1), Witchborn (possesses the ability to develop magickal powers).

Fate/Luck: 7/7

Anima/Essence: 6/6

Madness Meters
|Unnatural| |Violence| |Helplessness| |Self|
|Hardened/Failed: 0/1| |Hardened/Failed: 0/0| |Hardened/Failed: 1/0| |Hardened/Failed: 0/0|
|Equilibrium 2|


Thespinetta or “Espin” as she prefers to be called, was born in the small town of Southvane to the local thatcher, Hayden Thatcher, and his wife Sera. Espin’s birth was difficult, however, and Sera did not survive the ordeal. Hayden, bereaved, was forced to raise his daughter alone in the best manner that he knew how. It should come as small surprise that Espin turned out somewhat…different from the other girls of Southvane.

Espin grew up wild – ranging far and wide, doing whatever it was that she pleased. This was due, in no small part, to her father’s increasingly problematic alcoholism (a lingering effect of Espin’s mother’s death). She soon fell in with a group of young ruffians and urchins who called themselves the Slag Row Gang – in reference to the alley behind the local blacksmith’s foundry where scrapmetal and slag left over from the smelting processes were disposed of. Espin soon proved herself to be a valuable asset to the group of young troublemakers and quickly became the right-hand “man” of the gang’s leader – Rhalad Fyrstus. The gang’s activities primarily centered around pulling pranks and making trouble for the other gangs of ruffians who laid claim to various quarters of the town – in addition to some small time theft and the like.

During all of these shenanigans, Espin maintained a tough outward appearance – ever the archetypal tomboy. Inside, though, Espin was troubled by increasingly severe headaches, vision problems, and strange feelings. It was the sudden onset of one such headache which caused Espin to misjudge a leap from one rooftop to the next while out on an errand for the gang and fall to the cobblestones below. Espin suffered a severe head injury and was out for an entire week. Luckily, this was the same week that the Tithe Collector came to Southvane on his nine year cycle – otherwise Espin’s destiny would have probably been much different.

After coming out of her week-long coma, Espin’s mannerisms began to change somewhat – she was no longer the rash, devil-may-care tomboy that she had previously been. She had a certain restraint to her actions now which began to create friction between herself and Rhalad. This friction eventually lead to Espin seeking out different company, leading her to the doorstep of the proprietress of the local tavern (The Baurheim Inn) – Mariam Baurheim. Under Mariam’s tutelage Espin’s tomboyish ways and wild nature were further tamed and she began to more closely resemble the young lady that she had already begun to blossom into. This change in demeanor created a wall between Espin and Rhalad which soon put an unspoken end to their association.

Espin was soon in the employ of The Baurheim Inn and became something like an additional member of the already over-large Baurheim clan. During her time at the Baurheim Inn, Espin became fast friends with Alexi Baurheim – the only Baurheim of her own age. The Baurheims had lost a daughter of similar age during the last Tithing and Espin seemed to fill in a heretofore unacknowledged void in the family. Espin also met several other people who would become important figures in her life: Vincent Miller (one of Alexi’s good friends), Rasen Brasler (bard-in-training), and Theren Fel (son of the local horse rancher and crackpot inventor). Though Espin worked hard to the Inn, most of her money went to support her father and his addiction – his penchant for drinking on the job had made many of the townsfolk leery of contracting his thatching expertise over the years.

Our chronicle opens with Espin continuing to do her best to support her father while navigating the day-to-day travails of life as a bar maid whilst preparing for the advent of the end of the dreaded nine-year cycle heralding the return of the ominous Tithe Collector…

Thespinetta "Espin" Thatcher

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