Theren Fel

Crackpot inventor and itinerant alchemist with a powerful curiosity and a strong sense of justice.

Hair: White Eyes: Jade
Height: 6’0" (1.8 m) Weight: 195 lb. (88kg)

Mission: Design and build a water pump and aqueduct system for use in a city. To Study a suit of Iron Knight Armor. See Iron Knights

Duty: Turn every failure into a new opportunity.

Craving: Fascination with foreign lands – particularly Leorans.

Problems: Stupidly forgiving. Unhealthy fascination with strange technology. Fenris of the Black Jaw.

Total XP/XP Spent: 16/11

Attributes and Skills
|Body 3| |Sense 3| |Charm 3| |Coordination 2| |Command 3| |Knowledge 4|
|Athletics 2| |Direction 1| |Fascinate 0| |Climb 0| |Haggle 2| |Counterspell 0|
|Endurance 2| |Eerie 1| |Graces 1| |Dodge 2| |Inspire 0| |Healing 2|
|Fight 2| |Empathy 0| |Lie 0| |Perform 0| |Intimidate 0| |Language: Low Tongue 1MD|
|Parry 0| |Hearing 1| |Jest 0| |Ride 3| |Perform 0| |Lore 3|
|Run 2| |Scrutinize 1| |Plead 1| |Stealth 0| |NA| |Strategy 1|
|Vigor 0| |Sight 1| |NA| |Weapon 0| |NA| |Tactics 0|
|NA| |NA| |NA| |NA| |NA| |Student: Smithing 2/Alchemy 2|

Advantages: Lucky, Witchborn (possesses the ability to develop magickal powers).

Fate/Luck: 6/6

Animus/Essence: 6/6

Madness Meters
|Unnatural| |Violence| |Helplessness| |Self|
|Hardened/Failed: 2/0| |Hardened/Failed: 0/0| |Hardened/Failed: 1/0| |Hardened/Failed: 0/1|
|Equilibrium 2|


Theren Fel was born during the major winter festival of Winter’s Night about 19 years ago (1204 ME) to Jolin (father) and Firista (mother) Fel. Theren was the third of Jolin and Firista’s five children and second son of three.

As a young boy, Theren spent most of his time following his father, uncles, and eldest brother around – bonding extensively with the other men of the Fel clan and absorbing all the knowledge they had to offer with an insatiable hunger. It is, therefore, somewhat surprising that Theren took so long to learn to speak – not saying more than a few words to anyone before the age of 4. His family say that, once he started speaking, he never shut his mouth again. Theren’s transition from silence to speech came suddenly and without warning – one day he was silent and the next he was carrying on full conversations. It was, his mother would later observe, almost as though he had known how to speak all along and had simply chosen not to speak up until that point.

During his ramblings as a young boy, Theren began to develop a powerful interest in machinery and, also, in his mother’s skills as a healer. He would spend hours gathering herbs and rare minerals for use in his mother’s cures – while simultaneously fulfilling the requirement that he do “chores” around the farm. It just so happened that the chores he ended up doing coincided with his interests in this case. When Theren turned six he, like the other children of Southvane, began to attend school in town. While attending school in town he made friends with Rasen Brasler and met the other protagonists – though it would be some time before he became close with anyone but Rasen. Despite the strain put on him by working around the ranch, Theren managed to remain in school until he completed his studies at the age of 14.

During Theren’s years in school he also became friends with a young ranch-hand his father hired to pick up some of the slack – Ordal Nos. Together, Theren, Ordal, and eventually, Rasen – would get into trouble around the ranch and the township – pulling off bizarre, convoluted pranks and generally causing havoc with their antics. While Rasen was always up for mischief, Ordal was often consumed by his work on the ranch – being a lover of animals. Theren had more than enough time to himself to pursue what he came to call his “studies” – forays into engineering and alchemy that were mostly disastrous but sometimes yielded intriguing results. Theren soon became known throughout the township as “a crackpot,” “strange,” and “a menace to public safety.” It didn’t help that, about this time, he bleached his hair permanently white in an experiment gone wrong.

It was, in this way, that Theren spent most of his youth – living better than most due to his family’s trade – and constantly getting into and out of trouble. Theren’s antics were, at first, looked upon as being youthful mischief but eventually became an indication of a deeper seated restlessness. Theren secretly yearned to leave Southvane behind – much like his father’s eldest brother had done years ago. As Theren’s 19th nameday came and went, his restlessness continued to grow even as the dreaded Valpurgis Eve loomed on the horizon. While he had been passed over previously, Theren became concerned that one of his nephews or nieces or cousins might be taken this time – his concentration difficult to maintain and his “studies” slipping as the ominous event loomed…..

Theren Fel

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