Alexi Baurheim

Surprisingly eloquent brewer and compassionate youngest son of the Baurheim family.

Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green
Height: 5’10" Weight: 210 lbs.

Mission: Successfully sell an ale recipe of his own devising to a tavern.

Duty: Never besmirch or allow to be besmirched the great name of Baurheim.

Craving: Not specified.

Problems: Abby. Fenris of the Black Jaw.

Total XP/XP Spent: 62/53

Total Magic XP/Magic XP Spent: 10/8

Attributes and Skills
|Body 4| |Sense 3| |Charm 3| |Coordination 2| |Command 3| |Knowledge 2|
|Athletics 3| |Direction 3| |Fascinate 0| |Climb 0| |Haggle 2| |Counterspell 0|
|Endurance 3| |Eerie 3| |Graces 0| |Dodge 2| |Inspire 0| |Healing 0|
|Fight 3| |Empathy 0| |Lie 2| |Perform 0| |Intimidate 2| |Language: Low Tongue 1MD|
|Parry 2| |Hearing 3| |Jest 2| |Ride 1| |Perform 0| |Lore 0|
|Run 3+1ed| |Scrutinize 0| |Plead 0| |Stealth 0| |NA| |Strategy 0|
|Vigor 2| |Sight 3| |Elementalism 2| |Weapon: Warhammer 3| |NA| |Tactics 0|
|NA| |NA| |NA| |NA| |NA| |Student: Brewing 4+1ed|

Advantages: Animal Companion (Rank 1), Lucky, Witchborn (possesses the ability to develop magickal powers).

Fate/Luck: 6/6

Animus/Essence: 7/9

Madness Meters
|Unnatural| |Violence| |Helplessness| |Self|
|Hardened/Failed: 3/1| |Hardened/Failed: 0/0| |Hardened/Failed: 2/0| |Hardened/Failed: 0/1|
|Equilibrium 3|


Alexi Baurheim, much like the other protagonists of The Threshold, was born in the small community of Southvane in the far southern reaches of the Kingdom of Naen. Born to Garret and Mariam Baurheim, Alexi entered the world under inauspicious circumstances – the second son and third child, overall, born into the Baurheim family. The Baurheim’s had, for time out of mind, owned and operated Southvane’s one and only inn and tavern – the aptly named Baurheim Inn. Alexi, being the second son, seemed destined to forever play second-fiddle to his brother Ashley. Things didn’t work out exactly as one might have expected.

Not long after Alexi’s birth, Mariam Baurheim became pregnant with her fourth child – Adrianne. Adrianne’s birth occured a mere eleven months after Alexi’s – cause for some small amount of scandal amongst the goodwives of Southvane. Alexi simply viewed his little sister as a new playmate and became incredibly close to her in short order.

Alexi, from the beginning, was a hard worker – with a good head on his shoulders and a lot of drive and potential. The first few years of his life were, mostly, spent in play in and around the Inn – carousing with his overlarge family. At the age of six, Alexi began to attend school with the other children of the township and the beginnings of a fierce rivalry between himself and his brother took hold.

Alexi had, for his entire life, more or less known that Ashley – as the eldest son – would one day take control of the family Inn. It wasn’t until he entered school and began to learn about the way the world worked that he truly realized the significance of this. When he managed to outdo Ashley in arithmetic, his brother responded by tripping him into a mud hole after school – a calculated move designed to put Alexi in his place. From this point on, Ashley and Alexi were at each other’s throats almost constantly. Alexi was not alone in his distaste for his elder brother, however. During his time in school, Alexi met the son of the local miller – Vincent Miller, Jr., or “Vinnie.” Vinnie, jokingly, made an offhand remark about Ashley being a girl one day. This did not sit well with the older Baurheim and a powerful feud broke out between the two – further enhanced by Alexi’s own distaste for his brother. The two lads became good friends, united in their dislike for Ashley.

Alexi and Vinnie’s friendship was not, however, solely based on hatred for Ashley. Alexi was an up and coming practicioner of the brewer’s trade and Vinnie absolutely loved testing out his concoctions. It was during these years that the two cemented their friendship with one another and began to meet the other protagonists. It was, also, during this time, that the Tithe Collector passed through town on Valpurgis Eve. While many parents feared for their children that year, the Baurheim’s were the only household to be struck by the keening loss of one of their own – Adrianne Baurheim was the only child taken by the Tithe Collector that Tithing. Alexi was consumed with guilt and remorse – insisting that the Tithe Collector should have taken him or that he should have spent more time with his sister rather than goofing off with Vinnie. He even went so far as to begin holding conversations with her ragdoll “Missy.” If Alexi’s reaction was bad, then Garret Baurheim’s was worse.

Garret Baurheim very nearly killed a man less than a month later – while under the influence of alcohol – and spent a good six months cooling his heels in the town jail. When he was released, he was a different man – more sombre and brooding than before. The Baurheims became a family once more, but one with more tensions and unseen edges than before. It was not long after this that Mariam Baurheim became pregnant with her last child – Abigail Baurheim.

Alexi moved on from the Tithing with a peculiar sense of his own mortality and an even stronger sense of family than he had previously possessed. He became extremely protective of his new sister – taking it upon himself to do all in his power to help raise her. Around this time, Thespinetta Thatcher began to hang around the Inn. She soon became almost like another part of the family – becoming like a surrogate for Adrianne in the eyes of the Baurheims. Espin became an employee of the Inn and a regular fixture of the place.

Alexi had a very difficult time keeping it together after Adrianne’s tithing and, with the birth of his new sister Abigail, was unable to continue going to school. He finished his last year at the town school at the age of 11 and began to learn to help his brother and father operate the Inn in ernest. Time passed as Alexi learned the operation of the inn and his expertise in the brewer’s art grew. He sometimes noticed odd things around the Inn and the town but said little of it to anyone – assuming that it was a trick of the light or somesuch. He was often accompanied wherever he went by an extremely large hound of some dubious breed whom he affectionately dubbed, “Slobbers,” due to the inordinate amount of saliva the creature left wherever it went.

Before Alexi knew it, nine more years had come and gone and the dread event which haunted his most secret of nightmares began to draw ever closer. Surely the Tithe Collector would not take a child from the same family two cycles in a row? Alexi wasn’t sure of how these things worked but no amount of rationalization could help him get rid of the ever-present knot of gnawing dread which seemed to nearly choke him everytime he looked at his baby sister….

Alexi Baurheim

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