Brother Raven

"Everything is, essentially, a degenerate form of stabbing." - Brother Raven


Mission: To seek out and eliminate enemies of the Realm of Thorns.

Duty: Must obey the will of the King of Thorns.

Craving: Is fascinated by music.

Attributes and Skills
Body 3 Sense 4 Charm 2 Coordination 7 Command 2 Knowledge 3
Athletics 4 Direction 5 Fascinate 0 Climb 3+1ed Haggle 0 Counterspell 3
Endurance 1 Eerie 4+1MD Graces 3 Dodge 4+1ed Inspire 1 Healing 1
Fight 3 Empathy 1 Lie 2+1ed Perform 0 Intimidate 4 Language: Thornspiel 1MD
Parry 3+1MD Hearing 3 Jest 0 Ride 0 Perform 0 Lore 4
Run 2 Scrutinize 3 Plead 0 Stealth 4+1MD NA Strategy 2
Vigor 2 Sight 4 NA Weapon: Dagger 4+1MD NA Tactics 4+1ed
NA NA NA NA NA Student: Alchemy 3
Hit Location # of Wound Boxes
10; Head 7
7 – 9; Torso 13
5 – 6; Right Arm 8
3 – 4; Left Arm 8
2; Right Leg 8
1; Left Leg 8

Advantages: Go First (+1 Width for purposes of determining action order), Leather Hard (+1 extra wound box per hit location), Secret of Iron (Immune to Iron Bane), Preternatural Toughness x2 (+2 extra wound boxes per hit location).

Disadvantages: Servitor, Ban: Must obey the King of Thorns and his blood, Bound by Writ of Blood: Dualla.

Powers: Levitate (2LD), Human Seeming (2LD), Always There (2LD).

Claws Body + Fight (6d) Damage: W Shock + 1 Killing
Thorn Dagger Coordination + Weapon: Dagger (11d+1MD) Damage: W + 2 Killing

Gear: Thorn Dagger, Thorn Armor (2 AR to All Hit Locations), Thorn Masque [Black] (All defensive actions count as W+1 for purposes of gobble dice).


Little is known of this enigmatic being, even by those whom deal with him on a regular basis. He is a Servitor of a greater entity spoken of in fragments of legends and hushed whispers as the King of Thorns. Like other supernatural entities, he seems to regularly make pacts and deals with mortals – to what end none know.

Brother Raven stands about 5’9” tall, his body whipcord thin and lithe. What little that can be seen of his face indicates that he would be handsome by human standards were his features not implacably set in a fierce scowl of contempt and determination. His eyes are a brilliant greenish-gold color with the strange, vertical pupils of a bird. Completing the impression of a bird, glossy black feathers sprout from his scalp where hair would otherwise grow – slicked back, save for a single large feather that arcs straight up. He dresses in a tight-fitting grayish-blue set of leathers marked by strange emblems and held together via many straps. He seems to have an affectation for scarves – as he wears one, long, ragged black one about his shoulders and the lower portion of his face – obscuring his features. His only apparent weapon is a curved dagger of a curious blackish green metal which he keeps tucked through his belt.

Brother Raven can be called upon by those who know how to in order to perform a variety of services – but usually acts as a spy, assassin, or back up in a tough fight. His fighting skills are masterful – absolutely awe-inspiring and terrifying to behold. He seems to strike from inconceivable angles and through openings that only present themselves for a fraction of a second before disappearing. His services were called upon to bind a powerful demon – one of the Black Ones – within the body of Abigail Baurheim by Dualla Toff. He expressed concern over the situation but remained as enigmatic and neutral as ever. Only time will tell if this being will have a greater part to play in our protagonist’s story…

Brother Raven

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