Abigail Baurheim

"Missy doesn't like that, Alexi!" - Abigail Baurheim, to a *very* frightened Alexi Baurheim


Abigail Baurheim is the youngest child of the Baurheim family of Southvane – born shortly after Adrianne Baurheim was Tithed. She’s a precocious girl with a sharp wit who sees a lot more than she lets on. The fact that she is the third Witchborn child born to the Baurheim family is remarkable and speaks volumes as to the girl’s potential power as a future magician. She is, however, spirit-ridden.

Somehow, one of the dreaded Black Ones – supposed to have been imprisoned beyond the Eben Peaks by Atlaneian sorcery – has taken up residence in the young girl’s soul. That the demon chose her as a vessel is not unsurprising – being so young, her natural defenses against such intrusions are somewhat weaker than is normal – even for a Witchborn. The girl has little in the way of strength of personality (as of now) and, thus, would be easily subsumed by the demon’s will – theoretically speaking.

If it weren’t for the timely arrival of Dualla Toff – the new Tithe Collector assigned to the area of Southvane – things might have gone very bad indeed. Abby was brought before Dualla to be examined for Witchsight, as were all the children of age at the time. Dualla instantly knew something was amiss with the young girl. Her suspicions were confirmed when the demon took control of the girl in order to escape the Eben Guard – tossing around grown men like ragdolls and nearly escaping. Dualla managed to subdue the girl using her staff and called in a favor from the enigmatic Brother Raven in order to seal the demon within the girl as a temporary measure.

Now, Abby travels toward the Eben Peaks alongside our protagonists. They seek to drive the demon out of Abby and save the girl’s soul before the Black One can break free and have it’s way with her. Her behavior is already being subtly influenced by the entity trapped within her and strife amongst her would-be saviors has already begun. Only time will tell if this innocent child will be saved…..or if she shall be consumed by the monster within.

Abigail Baurheim

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