Eilos Torm

"What the hell did he just do!?" - Astounded spectator, upon witnessing Eilos Torm's fighting style.


Little is known about the man called Eilos Torm – not even whether or not that is, indeed, his real name or no. Eilos claims to have been trained in the Bardic arts by Ardrich Helios. The young man seems to be in his mid to late 20s and is somewhat shorter than one would expect of a feared assassin. His build is lithe and well muscled. Noted for having exotic purple eyes and dark gray hair, the young man certainly stands out to those who know what to look for. It is, because of this, that his skills of subterfuge and deception are all the more impressive.

Eilos carries with him a large guitar which seems to be reinforced using metal plates and other artifice to create a “weaponised” version of the innocuous instrument. Eilos is noted amongst the underworld’s elite as using a unique fighting style based around the use of this strange guitar in combat. He is able to block and parry very effectively with the guitar and his attacks are bone-shatteringly brutal and swift. He’s not all muscle and deadly grace though – he’s also a virtuoso of extreme talent and skill.

Only time will tell where this fearsome man’s allegiances lay…

Eilos Torm

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