Fane Izhendarc

The youngest Eben Guard to ever pass The Unseeming...who is this mysterious man?

Hair: White Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’11” Weight: 155 lbs.

Mission: To see that the protagonists make it to the Black City alive.

Duty: Fane must never allow someone to come to harm as a result of his body’s unique needs.

Craving: Fane craves warmth and human contact – there are problems with that.

Problems: Exiled. Hunted Man. Prison of Ice.

Total XP/XP Spent: 85/65 Total Magick XP/Magick XP Spent: 40/25

Attributes and Skills
Athletics 3 Direction 2+1ed Fascinate 2 Climb 1 Haggle 0 Counterspell 2
Endurance 3+1ed Eerie 4 Graces 2 Dodge 3 Inspire 0 Healing 0
Fight 4 Empathy 1 Lie 2 Perform 0 Intimidate 3 Language: Low Tongue 1MD
Parry 3 Hearing 2 Jest 2 Ride 2 Perform 0 Lore 2
Run 3+1ed Scrutinize 1 Plead 1 Stealth 2 NA Strategy 2
Vigor 1 Sight 3 NA Weapon: Spear 3 NA Tactics 3
NA NA NA NA Cryomancy 3+1MD Student 0

Advantages: Beauty (Rank 2), Witchborn (possesses the ability to develop magickal powers), Cryomantic Heritage, Resources (Rank 1), Legend In His Own Time.

Fate/Luck: 6/6

Animus/Essence: 9/30

Madness Meters
Unnatural Violence Helplessness Self
Hardened/Failed: 3/1 Hardened/Failed: 3/0 Hardened/Failed: 1/1 Hardened/Failed: 0/0
Equilibrium 4

Fane is the second son and second eldest of the children of Athros Izhendarc IV – former Emperor of the Izhendarc Empire. His eldest brother is Athros Izhendarc V – currently Emperor of the Izhendarc Empire. Fane was never supposed to have been in the running for the throne – being the second of two sons born to Athros IV and showing little interest in ever being Emperor, Fane should have lived out his life in contentment in the courts of the frozen north. Athros V was being well groomed for his future position as Emperor and, while Fane was a quick and able student of anything he put his hand to, it seemed that Athros IV was going to make a competent, if somewhat more ruthless than usual, Emperor.

Fane grew up extremely close to his somewhat younger sister, Elizabeth Izhendarc. The two of them were born relatively close together and shared many secrets as children. Fane dearly loved his sister and she loved him in return. Fane did not, however, get on well with his older brother Athros V – Athros was ruthless, cold, and willing to do anything to see to it that his will not be thwarted. Fane did nothing to balk his brother, for the most part, but had stood up to him sometimes in regards to the treatment of Elizabeth and some of the servants – for Fane was a kind-hearted boy. One day while playing with Elizabeth, Fane and his younger sister were accosted by Athros V and some of his sycophantic friends. There was a minor altercation and Fane revealed a power which he had previously been unaware of. While Fane had, since he was very young, exhibited the ability to use Cyromancy or “touch the cold” – this power was something above and beyond even what his brother possessed. Fane froze one of his brother’s cronies’ hands off with a manifestation of the most prized of Cryomantic gifts – Black Ice. From that day onward, Fane became a threat to his brother.

When Fane’s father took ill less than a year later it wasn’t long before the boy’s most loyal bodyguard began to fear for the boy’s life and make plans to get him out of harm’s way. He knew that, with the Emperor’s health failing, it would only be a matter of time before Fane’s eldest brother began to make moves to solidify his power base – which would, naturally, include the death of his Black Ice wielding brother. No Izhendarc of the Black Ice had ever failed to become Emperor – line of succession be damned. Fane’s bodyguard, whose name remains unknown, arranged to have the boy taken to the border of the Empire and smuggled out by the Eben Guard’s tithe collectors. He was taken east to receive training unlike any ever given to an Izhendarc – that of an Eben Guard. It was the secret hope of his forlorn bodyguard that he would return in time to take the throne using the skills of the Eben Guard. Such has not been the case as of yet.

Fane Izhendarc

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