Driguez Cantoricelli

"I am Drig." - Driguez Cantoricelli, at many different times and in many different places.


Drig, as he is commonly known, is something of a rogue – he’s high-spirited, quick witted, comfortable in social situations, and extremely worldly. He seems to take in most situations he finds himself in with a practiced air of “been there, done that” or fierce bravado. His signature phrase, “I am Drig,” can be used to explain so very much about this man – it is often used by those who know him to explain his baffling, eccentric, and downright mystifying behavior at times.

Driguez Cantoricelli (his full name) is a man of rabni descent who appears to be somewhere in his late 20s – age wise. He has long dark hair which looks perpetually windswept and tousled and eyes of a warm, honey-brown color which seem to twinkle and smile even when the man is frowning. Mischief seems etched in every line of this man’s face and he can often be overheard laughing or making a jest. Drig speaks with the unusual accent of the rabni-folk and seems to feign ignorance of proper Low Tongue word usage at times – usually to lull someone into a strange play on words which he then uses as a springboard from which to leap into some wild tale or inappropriate joke. He is very quick witted.

Drig is even quicker on his feet and with his hands. In combat, the man tends to use two knives in conjunction – employing an outlandishly acrobatic and disjointed fighting style. He doesn’t just use his knives at close range though – he commonly throws them and then draws forth replacements from his seemingly inexhaustible supply. He is known to carry at least thirty knives on his person. This is not surprising – Drig was trained as an Blitz Guard until he was shunted over to the Tithe Collectors in some mysterious incident.

Drig’s magick is very mysterious in nature but seems to have something to do with contracts or agreements of some kind. Its unclear as to how it works, exactly, but it seems to be quite potent and, also, quite costly. Drig is known to have traded years of his life for his magick…and will probably do so again in the future.

Driguez Cantoricelli

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