Dualla Toff

"Come. Reap. The Tithe has come once again." - Dualla Toff


Dualla Toff is a mysterious individual, even for a Tithe Collector of the enigmatic Eben Guard. She says nothing of her past and appears to be as stoic and emotionless as they come – not even seeming to display a need for common human comforts such as sleep, food, drink, or company. The cast of her features, to those familiar with such things, is Bachraeni. She has the almond shaped eyes of the Bachraeni and the fair skin common to the folk of that land. Dualla is about 5’3” tall and is slight of build. She would be considered quite attractive if she made any affectation at being a woman – her face is perpetually set in an indifferent mask that betrays no emotions and her choice of clothing seems to indicate that she lacks imagination – she wears blacks and grays in simple, utilitarian cuts. Dualla chooses to go garbed in pants and coats, much like a man would – usually with a long cloak and flat-brimmed hat.

Dualla has a calm, low way of talking which seems to command attention whenever she opens her mouth. Despite being relatively unobtrusive, she has a bearing to her which makes people sit up and pay attention. Despite being otherwise androgynous, Dualla does wear her long, dark hair in a knotted braid down her back – an affectation which seems somehow out of place. She can be observed absently tugging on her braid when thinking.

Dualla has a surprising soft spot for children – she is a Tithe Collector, after all. While she has not shown much in the way of interaction with Abigail Baurheim, she usually acts very much like a stern older sister towards those whom are placed in her care. Dualla seems to be little disposed toward suffering fools and has a sharp wit about her and a sharper tongue. Driguez Cantoricelli has indicated more than once that he would rather not displease Dualla and seems more than a little leery of the woman. What the story between the two is, remains to be seen – it is noteworthy, however, that Drig never makes any sort of attempt at ogling or flirting with Dualla. This is no professional courteousy, it would seem, as it is known that Drig has had affairs with female guardsmen in the past.

Dualla is an enigma whose secrets have to be revealed. She is a skilled summoner, a superb tactician, a cool-headed negotiator, and an able leader. Why she chose to become a Tithe Collector as opposed to a Witch Hunter or a Blitz Guard is unknown. Drig has let on that Dualla is considered to be an elite by the Eben Guard – but whoever heard of an elite Tithe Collector?

Dualla Toff

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