Hannelore Gatham

A quirky Guardswoman born into the Aristelle of Bachraen, Hannelore is an exceptionally talented Oneiromancer.


Hannelore has only very recently made the acquaintance of the party but is very pleased to meet them. Hannelore seems very pleased to meet just about anyone, actually. She’s irrepressibly cheerful and just incredibly pleasant to be around – and a bit odd. It might be something to do with her Oneiromancy, but no one is entirely sure.

Hannelore is very tall for a woman – standing some 5’10” tall but weighing a petite 135 lbs. If she weren’t decked out in the armor of the Eben Guard, she would not be at all intimidating. She has short cropped, crazy red hair and large, bright green eyes.

Upon initial inspection, it’s somewhat difficult to see how she managed to become an Eben Guard – but Hannelore (“Hanners” to her friends) is filled with an unrelenting tenacity and belief in what the guard does. And she’s very proud to be a member of the Eben Guard.

Hannelore Gatham

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