Caloes Shaar

"Yeah,'re super dumb and you smell like sweaty old people! So....yeah!"


Caloes is a man of moderate height – no more than 5’9” tall and weighing in at about 155 lbs. He affects an air of perpetual boredom and laziness and seems rather amiable and east to talk to – were it not for the fact that he’s out to get our protagonists he might make a good friend.

Caloes’ features are rather angular, and he has pointed ears – pointing to his heritage as an Atlaneian. He is rather short for an Atlaneian, however, which confounds him to no end. He is an Aleithomancer with all of the strength one would expect of an Atlaneian. He was easily capable of overwhelming Fane Izhendarc during the protagonists’ encounter with the man and his associates.

He seems to have taken the party’s escape as a sort of personal insult and has promised them, in a very unimpressive manner, to “kill them later.” He delivered this threat in such a ridiculously outmatched situation that no one could take it seriously – but the sheer amount of essence this man is capable of tapping is nothing short of astounding.

Caloes Shaar

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