Chronicles of Neverael

The Seeker Ep 1 The Second Story

Our story opens up, as many do, in a waterside tavern named the “Shiny Knob”. The Shiny Knob is a small establishment in Anfereaux, Domreni. We meet our protagonists sitting around a scarred wooden table. Wereth Ra’Ryalt and “Walker”, the captain and navigator of the steel ship “Ferrous Domina”, meet a new client, a seeker by the name of Fahroon.

After much discussion, a deal is met between the parties for an escort to an island off of the west coast of Domremi, where the seeker hopes to find the remains of an Atlenian ruin. Once business has been concluded our protagonists decide to retire for the night and leave with the tide the next morning. As they leave the tavern, Wereth and Walker are set upon thugs looking for Fahroon.

After dispatching the thugs, a note is found upon the body of the leader. It indicated that a man named Q hired them and wishes to obtain the map which Fahroon is in possession of. At the same time, Fahroon is set upon by his own group of thugs. Using some rather ingenuous magickal skills he has picked up, Fahroon is able to escape with little difficulty.

Wereth and Walker decide to find Fahroon and personally escort him to the ship for his protection. When they find Fahroon in the Restful Plume, another group of thugs arrive to intercept our protagonists. After dispatching the single thug sent to guard the back door, the three young men escape to their ship and prepare to leave for the island.


azraelthran Kibner

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